Saturday February 24 , 2018


To Probate or Not To Probate? That is the Question.

Probate is the legal process of enforcing the terms of a person’s Will, seeing that all the unfinished debts and taxes are paid, and that the remaining assets are distributed. Texas law provides several different legal procedures which can all be labeled probate. The appropriate process must be selected by your survivors, in consultation with their attorney, depending on the circumstances that exist after your death.

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Car Wrecks

Thousands of car wrecks occur every year, with many leading to serious and fatal injuries. Unfortunately, surviving a vehicle accident does not mean one’s problems are over. For many, attempting to restore their lives after a car accident may only be the beginning of a lengthy, difficult process. A motor vehicle accident can result from simple driver error or negligent acts such as drunk driving, which may warrant legal action so that victims in these cases may receive just compensation for damages or car wreck injuries.

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